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The types of content we would like to see:

~ Devotionals
~ Parenting articles
~ Mommy blog-type articles
~ From business men and pastors: we’re interested in your articles on leadership
~ From seasoned pastors: we’re interested in hearing your advice for the new pastor
~ From musicians: we’re interested in seeing devotional-type articles about the story behind a song (either one you’ve written and recorded or one that means something to you). And if you have an appropriate, good quality music video you’ve recorded and would like to share, we’d love to take a look at that, too.

We like to keep the length of our articles in the 1000 word range, although that’s somewhat flexible. Please keep the tone uplifting and encouraging. We’re also open to submissions in video format.

We plan to grow and have something for everyone—from the busy mom to the new pastor, from the prospective Bible college student to the retired businessman. So if you have an idea for an article or something you’d like to see, please contact us!

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