Comment Policy
Comment Policy

We welcome your comments and have created some guidelines that will help facilitate meaningful interactions on our site.

Keep It Friendly
Let’s face it, we don’t always see things the same way and that can actually be a good thing.  We can help each other grow and see topics from a different angle.  Just keep in mind that disagreeing with someone is no reason to be rude, offensive or to personally attack them.  So please keep the discussion civil.

Speak Up
Have a question about something on the website or in the comments?  Speak up.  If you have the question, maybe someone else does too but is afraid to ask.  By asking your question, you may be helping several other people.  Just remember to keep your questions on topic and relevant to the discussion.

Add Value
You have lots of random knowledge in your head, why not pass a little along to the rest of us?  If someone has a question and you know the answer, please take a moment to provide the solution.  What may be very clear and simple to you, may be a difficult concept to someone else.  Using your know-how might help make someone’s day that much better.

Just So You Know …
We reserve the right to delete, edit, and modify your comment for any reason.  Although we retain this right, in no way are we obligated to remove and edit comments that are submitted to this site.

Here are a few examples of reasons we would decline to post your comment.

  1. It discourages others from posting comments (e.g. it is offensive, unkind, or rude).
  2. It is a comment mainly used as promotion (also known as spam).
  3. It is off topic and doesn’t add value to the conversation.
  4. It contains inappropriate language such as cursing or vulgar innuendos. (We are a family friendly website.)

You are solely responsible for your comments. We take no responsibility and assume no liability for any content posted by you.

By submitting your comment, you are giving us license to publish your comment.

You can read more about comments in our Terms of Service

This comment policy is subject to change at anytime.

Last update 3/9/2015